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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's included in my Brand Identity Package?

    Each Brand Identity Package is a design for the “look and feel” for your business, company or product. When you buy a package you will be supplied with the artwork files for a variety of marketing materials/stationery.

    The items in each package vary depending upon which you choose but in general most packages are supplied with artwork files for a logo, letterhead, business card, compliments slip, folder, envelope, logo sized for Twitter, logo sized for LinkedIn, logo sized for Facebook and a Facebook cover design. Please check the Product Description for full details of what’s included in each specific Brand Identity Package.

    What are the benefits of buying a Brand Identity from OneBrandSpace?

    At OneBrandSpace you can choose from a variety of Brand Identity Packages without ever having to explain to a designer what you need, fill out any questionnaires or have time consuming meetings to define your Brand Identity.

    If you see a Brand Identity Package on the site that will work for your needs, then you simply buy online and download your artwork files at the price shown with no hidden extras. Plus we will give you free customisation which enables you to personalise your Company/Brand name and contact details – free to use within 30 days of purchase.

    Who can use Brand Identity Packages from OneBrandSpace?

    Whether you are a large or small company looking to refresh your brand, a small business just starting up, or you want to launch a product separate from your main brand, the Brand Identity Packages available at OneBrandSpace can work for you.

    Just a few of the industries OneBrandSpace Brand Identies can be used for are: Fashion Pop-up Stores, Retail outlets, Cafes, Juice Bars, Product launches. Professional Services: Accountants, Solicitors, Lawyers. The Hospitality industry: Bars and Restaurants. Trades such as Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Maintenance & Handyperson Services, Gardening & Landscaping, Cleaning Services, Carpentry, Floristry. The Beauty Industry: Hairdressers, Beauty Therapy, Spas. The Creative Industry: Fashion Designer, Photographer. Sports and Recreation, Fitness and Personal Training.

    How do I buy a Brand Identity Package?

    1. Register or Log into OneBrandSpace
    2. Search for a Brand Identity Package
    3. Click the “BUY” button
    4. Download your uncustomised Brand Identity Package files stright away
    5. Customise your Brand Identity Package – these changes are included in your purchase price (see “Included Customisation” and “How to customise my Brand Identity Package” below).
    6. You will receive your final customised Brand Identity Package by email.

    Free customisation valid to use within 30 days

    Brand Identity Packages from OneBrandSpace are designed with generic names which may not match the needs of your business therefore all Packages include one time customisation of your business/product/company name, address and other details such as phone number, mobile number, fax, skype etc. which you are free to change within 30 days of your purchase.

    If you would rather use an existing logo or change the logo design to an alternative logo other than that included with your package, you have the option to do so. We will require the replacement logo in vector format (.eps or .ai) to ensure quality with the design is maintained.

    You will have 30 days from the purchase date with which to respond with your customisation requirements to benefit from the included customisation. After your 30 days has expired, you may be required to pay for the details to be changed on your artwork files.

    How do I customise my Brand Identity Package?

    Once you have purchased a Brand Identity Package, you will receive an email from OneBrandSpace with a request for your customisation details. Email those details over to us and we’ll get our designers working on your requests quick smart.

    You will receive your customised artwork files within 7 days of us receiving your details. OneBrandSpace will send you an email receipt when we receive your details just to let you know we are on the case. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at

    What files will I receive?

    Each brand identity varies in the marketing items included, please check the item description on the product page to view the list of included items in that particular package.

    The list below covers the items you may receive and types of files included in your brand identity package.


    Included is a cmyk (4 colour) eps vector file which can be enlarged to any size without loss of quality. Designers, printers and promotional merchandise companies will usually ask you for this to maintain the quality of your logo when producing marketing items, as jpegs are not editable or scalable. We’ve also included a large size logo set at w1500 x h1500 pixel in .jpg and .png files. You can re-size these files in most standard image editors/software on your computer.

    If you have any special requests for a different format from above inclusions, we can certainly help. Please email us at:


    Included is a finished pdf of your business card (both sides; front and back) at a size of w90 x h50 mm. In addition to this, you have a pdf with ‘crop marks’ to send to your printer if you are having them professionally printed.


    Your letterhead artwork is a standard A4 size (w210 x h297 mm) and is supplied as a pdf for printing at home or in the office yourself. You also have a pdf supplied with crop marks for a printer if you are having them professionally printed.

    We’ve also taken the hassle and costs involved in printing letterhead. In keeping with our digital and ’email’ world, we created and supplied you with a letterhead already set-out in a editable word document format for instant use.


    Your envelope will be a standard DL size (w220 x h110 mm).

    Home and office printing: File supplied as a pdf with the front design to print yourself.
    Professional printing: We have also supplied you with the printers template which includes the rear flap to print for the back design. A professional printer will use this pdf to print & assemble/fold from scratch.


    Your presentation folder is a an oversized A4 (w220 x h310 mm) to fit standard A4 documents nice and snug. We’ve also included a space where your business card will slot into the lower section of the inside fold. We’ve supplied you with a pdf of the folder with all crop marks (die cut shape) as you need to get this professionally printed.


    Your with compliments slip will fit nicely into your DL envelope, it’s set at a size of w210 x h99h. We’ve supplied you with a pdf to print yourself, as well as a pdf with crop marks for printing with a professional printer.


    Your Facebook logo on your company page is your identity. We’ve supplied you with a w180 x h180 pixel image of your company logo, customised to fit in this space. Supplied as a png file.


    Your Facebook cover on your company page is an extension of your brand image. We’ve met the new 2014 sizing standards, with your cover set at w851 x h315 pixels. Supplied as a png file.


    Your twitter logo is set at w400 x h400 pixels in size. Instantly brand your twitter company page with your logo & the cover below for an instant branded look for your company.Supplied as a png file.


    Your twitter cover supports your logo. The header sizing for 2014 is w1500 x h500 pixels, we’ve included a branded cover for you to instantly place into the header of your page. Supplied as a png file.


    Setting up a LinkedIn company page? Place your included custom LinkedIn logo (sized at w50 x h50 pixels) straight into the space. Supplied as a png file.


    We’ve also supplied you with the LinkedIn cover sized at w646 x h220 to drop into your company page, supporting your logo. Supplied as a png file.


    You may want to place a website banner of your logo and background into your website for that instant online presence. We’ve created a banner design for you & set the size at w1000 x h125 pixels in png format.

    What copyright will I receive with my purchase?

    The OneBrandSpace License allows use of your Brand Identity Package in one single end product which end users are not charged to access or use. You may use the Brand Identity Package directly or, if you’re a freelancer, you can create the end product for one client/company. Reselling of OneBrandSpace products is not permitted. Distribution of source files is not permitted.

    What are my payment options?

    You can currently you can pay with PayPal or Credit Card (processed by PayPal). PayPal is one of the world’s biggest payment processors and a very safe way to do business online. Depending on your location, you may need to create a PayPal account. Please note that if you pay with eCheque on PayPal the transaction takes approximately 3 working days to go through.

    If you experience problems with payment for any reason you can contact us to process your credit card manually. Please contact us at

    What if I need something which isn't included in my Brand Identity Package?

    If you require further items in addition to those included in your Brand Identity Package, please get in touch with our designers at hello@onebrandspace for a quote.

    Whatever extra marketing materials you need to compliment your new OneBrandSpace Brand Identity, we can deliver a whole range of awesome stuff. Popular marketing items include leaflets, booklets, posters, vouchers, websites, menus, signage, vehicle skins and many more.


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