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How much does it cost for a logo design?

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It doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars for a new professional looking logo or brand identity as good as these.

It is publicly known that companies can spend multi-millions of dollars (even billions) on a logo design, brand identity design &/or rebranding.

Here is a fun list of some of the most expensive logo design and rebranding exercises known around the world to give you an insight into what some of these companies have paid in the past to have a new logo, and what it resulted in as far as look and change.

The top 5 expensive logos:

1. Symantec Rebrand – Total Cost: $1,280,000,000

Symantec has gone down in history with its logo redesign and rebranding campaign that cost the company over a billion dollars.



2. BP Rebrand – Total Cost: $211,000,000

In the year 2000, British Petroleum, known today as BP, replaced the strong logo that they had used for over 70 years with the current “Helios” logo, which cost a total of $211,000,000.


3. Accenture Rebrand – Total Cost: $100,000,000

Accenture is a multinational technology services, management consulting and outsourcing company. The rebranding cost an estimated 100 million dollars… do you see the value of the change?


4. ANZ Rebrand – Total Cost: $15,000,000

The rebranding campaign of ANZ bank took two years and cost $15 million dollars. However this did include a marketing strategy as well. Being the biggest bank in New Zealand and the 3rd most popular one in Australia, adequate branding is crucial for ANZ, so spending such big money on logo design and rebranding was justified – in their mind.


5. City of Melbourne Logo – Total Cost: $625,000

Designed in 2009 by the Landor Associates, this logo was meant to support Melbourne’s new corporate identity strategy.



We hope you enjoyed the insight into some VERY expensive logos and rebrands. Yes, some are great designs but as I’m sure you could agree, that sort of money doesn’t need to be spent on a logo design to have something just as good if not better than these big players.

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