Tennant Barlow

$1,995 inc. GST

Tennant Barlow – the highest standard, with a slick modern design to impress customers and clients. This design is understated but will be highly valued. Your services will be shown in the best light to charge accordingly with the standard across everything you need to setup your operation.
Real Estate, Landscape Design, Landscaping, Building, Project Management, Construction, Property Development, Labouring, Concreting, Tiling, Painting, Facilities Management – you name it!


(Guidance to Purchase and Setup)

• Domain setup assistance.

As the name of this brand can be changed to your preference, we will provide guidance to purchase a domain based on the chosen name. We will also include the name server changes required to get your domain working on the website we create for you.


(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

• Facebook Logo (jpg)
• Facebook Cover (jpg)
• Twitter Logo (jpg)
• Twitter Cover (jpg)
• LinkedIn Logo 100x60px (jpg)
• LinkedIn Logo Thumbnail 50x50px (jpg)
• LinkedIn Logo Cover (jpg)


(Look & Feel of Your Business)

• Logo design supplied as png, jpg, pdf, eps files
• Business card design
• 500 printed business cards, delivered to your door
• Business Card for professional printing (pdf)
• Business Card for emailing (pdf)
• Quote template (Word)
• Invoice template (Word)
• Compliments Slip for professional printing (pdf)
• Compliments Slip for printing inhouse (pdf)
• Letterhead – 2 sided for professional printing (pdf)
• Letterhead – 2 sided for printing inhouse (pdf)
• Letterhead – Editable (word doument)
• DL Envelope front for printing inhouse (pdf)


(Website Setup Assistance & Design)

• Website design – take a look now at www.onebrandspace.com/tennantbarlow
• Check and review of your website wording to ensure consistency and professionalism
• Up to 5 images for your website are included

Personalisation included

This Brand Identity Package comes with the whole range of branded stationery to get your business looking professional and consistent in no time. Want to personalise the pack and replace the company name and contact details with your own? No problem. That’s included in the price too.


*As this brand/company name can be changed to your preference, this brand does NOT include a domain name.

Did you know? We can also add an additional tagline i.e property services etc to the brand design.

You are welcome to use this name if you purchase this package, however it is your responsibility to check whether the business name is available in your area/country you wish to operate. (ASIC.gov.au for Australian customers) It is not the responsibility of OneBrandSpace.com if your name or the ‘suggested’ name offered is not available in your chosen area of operation. Please check before you purchase your brand.