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Do you need a Website or Online Store?

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Built in 7 days

I have a service-based business or want to showcase my offering

Up to 5 website pages. Choose your preferred pages on our setup call.

Our Work (+ up to 3 projects)


Setup fee


Monthly Maintenance & Support fee.
See below for what’s included.


Online Store

Built in 14 days

I want to sell my products online in an E-Commerce Online Store

Up to 5 website pages. Choose your preferred pages on our setup call.

Our Work (+ up to 3 projects)

Online Store functionality
Setup of up to 10 products included
Track & manage inventory
Shopping cart
Customer accounts
Accept payments


Setup fee


Monthly Maintenance & Support fee.
See below for what’s included.


Setting up your website.

Step 1

Purchase your chosen design

Years of experience have gone into crafting our industry-specific websites. Why start from scratch with no direction? We’ve already done the work for you.

Step 2

We’ll upload your content

We’ll be in touch to collect your logo, colours, images/videos, text. Our team of experts will upload everything. It’s all done for you.

Step 3

Go live in 7 days!

You’ll get a link to review your website seven days after supplying your content. One round of changes is included in your set-up cost. Go live when you’re happy. After launch, our Maintenance & Support covers everything your site needs to stay secure, updated, and backed up.

Monthly Maintenance & Support inclusions

You didn’t think we’d leave you there, did you? We know your website isn’t something you can create and forget about it. Continual maintenance is needed, but don’t worry, we’ve thought of that too. We’ll tech-manage your website from here. We cover everything your site needs to stay secure, updated, and backed up without you needing to lift a finger. Your monthly subscription will start 30 days after purchase.

Premium high-speed hosting

No need for separate hosting. It’s already included in your monthly subscription cost. Your site is hosted on Google Cloud – the fastest and most secure server around. We will ensure you site is backed-up everyday meaning one less thing to worry about.

Local customer support

As a business owner, you want peace of mind that you have a team behind you that can handle any technical glitches. You can contact our Australian technical support team through live chat, email or phone. You’re not in this alone, we’re here for you.

Website backups

Backing up your website regularly is important and that’s why daily backups are included in your monthly subscription. As that old saying goes “sh*t happens”, and however much we want to believe it’ll never happen to us, having a backup of your entire WordPress website is a great safety net It enables us to reinstall or move a website to another location or server to reduce downtime.

WordPress platform

We create our websites using WordPress, one of the worlds leading website platforms. More than 35% of all websites use WordPress.

  • SEO friendly ready to propel your marketing efforts
  • 100% Mobile Responsive so your website will adjust to display perfectly on all types of devices – mobile, tablets & desktops

Building on WordPress allows maximum flexibility to ensure your website can grow as your business does.

Security and plugin updates

We take the hassle out of managing tedious plugins and security updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins. To maintain the security and performance of your website, it  requires regular checking, updates and compatibility checks. Just know, we’ve got it covered.

Scanning for hackers

With so many news stories circulating about computer hacking and breaches of cyber security, it’s hard to relax when it comes to protecting you and your customers online. With monthly maintenance and support, your site will be guarded by our team of tech wizards who vigilantly protect your site from targeted malicious attacks.

Free Secure SSL Certificate

We include SSL on all our sites. A (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate ensures data transferred over your website is unreadable to prying eyes. For example; when someone buys from your website, the SSL certificate will encrypt credit card details, keeping them secret. It’s not just about security, it builds trust with your visitors, turning them into buying customers. They know they are safe if it says “https:” at the beginning of your url. It will also help with google rankings showing you are a trusted site.

Online Payments / E-Commerce

If you’ve chosen to sell products with our online store website, we use the Woocommerce platform as the e-commerce arm of your business. As one of the most widely used platforms, we provide guidance on how it works so you can directly manage your products and items ongoing yourself.

Support for add on pages/products

Want to add more pages to your site? No problem. You can buy extra pages, products, or functionality as you need it. No matter how many pages or products you add to your site, your monthly maintenance & support will cover you.

No lock-in contracts

You aren’t locked into any contracts with us. Feel free to cancel your subscription at any time. But remember, as soon as you cancel, your website will cease to exist – so make sure this is exactly what you want to do, before you do it.
If you’ve simply decided you’d like to move your site to your own hosting and look after everything yourself, no problem. Just contact our support team and we can provide you with a backup of your website for a small fee.

Plus, you’ll never need a new website. We give you a:

Free website refresh after 24 months

Simply choose a new design from our collection and we’ll move all your content for you.