So, who are we?


Kirsty Ainsworth

Kirsty has been a website and graphic designer for over 20 years. She works with companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations, understanding their needs, and delivering above expectations. Her art direction and designs are stand out, giving OneBrandSpace customers access to the best in the business.


Nichole Valk

Nichole is a creative project manager and organisational guru. She has a passion for creating and implementing new ideas – with the client in mind.

She is the driving force behind three national brands in the finance and insurance space and created high-profile brands and websites for multiple companies in the construction and property industry.

Why we created OneBrandSpace

We know that great design can make or break a business.

A strong brand can help you stand out from your competitors, make your business relatable and memorable, and build loyalty to keep customers coming back again and again.

But a big brand design and strong brand presence can come with a big price tag.

We were often being approached by start-ups and small business owners who wanted to get online and improve the quality of their brand, but whose budgets were too small for customised projects. This was incredibly frustrating for us as we were still passionate about helping these businesses too. We didn’t want budget, in-experience, or time constraints continuing to be a barrier for smaller business owners who are dedicated to making their business succeed.

So, after many years of brainstorming and discussions on how we could achieve this, OneBrandSpace was born.

The OneBrandSpace goal; to empower entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners to look like experts from the start by providing access to high-quality design at an affordable price with the ability to launch fast.

Our aim was to eliminate design briefings, costly agencies, or fiddling with DIY designs. So, at OneBrandSpace we revolutionised the process by creating pre-designed websites, logos, and brands, all available to view online before you buy.

We know cash flow is important to every business. By showing products and prices upfront before you buy, you know exactly what you’re getting and can also manage your budget effectively.

There’s a saying that goes “You shouldn’t compare your Chapter one to someone else’s Chapter 20”.  Well, we say why not skip a few. 

We are continually developing new designs and services to our offering as we continue to grow with you on your business journey.  Why not get in touch to tell us what you need, what works for you and what doesn’t. 

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